ELEGANT Collection

ELEGANT Collection

The mattresses series ELEGANT collection combines enjoyment and quality and consists of independent multi-zone springs.They offer orthopedic support and are exclusively manufactured from raw materials of leading international factories and they all have the relevant and trusted certificates.

ELEGANT Collection

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  • 050 Relax Plus Coco Memory

    Memory technology allows the Relax Plus Coco Memory anatomic mattress to return to its original position. In this way, you can more often enjoy the elasticity of coconut which contains, to get proper support for your muscles. Bonnell springs with a metal frame make it more durable and strengthen its perimeter support.
  • 051 Relax Plus Coco Latex

    What makes the difference in the Relax Plus Coco Latex anatomic mattress is the combination of coconut and latex in its content and Bonnell springs with metal frame. The behavior of the mattress offers a soft surface and, at the same time, increased grip and support at its perimeter. It offers an ideal body feel as it “breathes” properly and remains at cool temperatures.
  • 056 Silk Memory Latex

    Designed according to Memory Technology, the Silk Memory Latex Anatomic Mattress is able to return to its original position so that you can enjoy each time you lie down on its soft surface. Foam layer containing latex reinforced with HR Foam technology that helps to improve the long-lasting durability of latex. It consists of Mini Bonnell springs with metal frame, ensuring optimal resistance to increased weight and support at the edges. It has extra cotton wadding and woolen wadding that strengthens its soft texture and helps keep the temperature at normal levels.
  • 057 Silk Extra Latex

    With an increased rate of latex, the anatomic Silk Extra Latex foam mattress is offered as a soft choice for restful sleep. It includes Mini Bonnell springs with metal frame, allowing it to withstand an increased weight while providing a satisfactory degree of perimeter support. The combination of cotton and woolen wadding offers even greater naturalness by improving its temperature behavior so you can stay cool on it.
  • 091 Relax Plus Pocket 5 Zones

    Specially designed mattress with an emphasis on providing a high level of anatomical behavior. With 5 adjustable support zones, it holds correctly the waist, basin and back, while it is softer at both ends up and down. It is made up of independent Pocket springs with metal frame, which are able to follow your body movements with enhanced perimeter support. It is equipped with HR Foam technology that holds the foam materials, as well as with Board Protection in order not to lose its external form.
  • 092 Relax Plus Coco Latex Pocket 5 Zones

    With the Relax Plus Coco Latex Pocket 5 Zones, even the most difficult resting task will be an easy process. Combine coconut and latex in the content so that you enjoy elasticity and adequate protection against wetness or harmful elements from the atmosphere. Made of independent Pocket springs with metal frame that offer the right behavior according to the movements you make. All this in a 5 Zones configuration, which strongly holds back-waist-pelvis areas, and at the same time it is softer on the other two sides at the top and bottom edge.
  • 099 Silk Memory Latex Pocket 7 Zones

    For those who want a soft and anatomic mattress capable of embracing differently every sensitive part of your body then the Silk Memory Latex Pocket 7 Zones is the right choice. It is equipped with independent Pocket Springs with metal frame, as well as with the 7 zones technology that offers specialized support in seven points of the body. It includes latex that helps the elasticity of the mattress while also incorporating the HP Foam technology that holds the foam strong and always gives you the same feeling as the first day you lay down! All this combined according with Memory Foam gives the smart ability to the mattress to be restored to its original form.
  • 100 Silk Extra Latex Pocket 7 Zones

    The desire of a large number of customers for a soft, anatomical and ... extra fluffy mattress has led us to create the Silk Extra Latex Pocket 7 Zones. It is backed by Pocket 7 Zones with metal frame to accommodate the needs of rest in seven different body parts: neck, back, waist, bowl, legs, ankles and sole. HP Foam technology combined with superior latex quality helps to maintain the resilience and elasticity of the mattress while externally reinforced with board protection to keep its shape always. The addition of wool and cotton wadding helps the mattress to be properly ventilated and naturally adjusting its temperature.
  • 102 Silk Memory Latex Pocket 7 Zones Kapitone

    What happens when hand-crafted construction meets the most advanced technology in the kind of mattresses? The Silk Memory Latex Pocket 7 Zones Kapitone is born! The ultimate combination of memory technology and Pocket 7 Zones Springs that specially relax 7 body areas, while your mattress can "remember" to return to its original shape whatever position you take during sleep. The addition of latex makes the mattress even softer and more durable. It is covered by a handmade quilted design that contributes to proper ventilation and reduces the chances of sweating.
  • 103 Silk Extra Latex Pocket 7 Zones Kapitone

    Another soft mattress with handmade bindings in a Kapitone design ready to kindly welcome you is the Silk Extra Latex Pocket 7 Zones Kapitone. Built with Pocket 7 Zones springs, it provides specialized support on seven levels, from the neck to the soles. At the same time, it is reinforced with latex and HR Foam that retain the foam for greater flexibility and durability. It is externally lined with a handmade Kapitone pattern that enhances the quality of sleep as it helps to properly adjust the temperature and optimally ventilate the mattress.
  • 150 Nature Cotton Wool Memory Gel 5500

    High quality foam mattress enhanced with Memory Gel technology that allows it to stay cool more time than a common mattress, effectively fighting sweating. It includes cotton wadding and also woolen padding that enhance the physical behavior and good temperature level of the mattress. The outer cover is removable with extra cover foam to facilitate cleaning and maintenance.
  • 151 Nature Cotton Wool Extra Latex 5500

    Foamy mattress giving plenty of reason for a soft sleep that will deeply embrace your body. Enhanced woolen and cotton wool content together with Latex make up an extraordinary smooth surface that is capable of resting your body well. The mattress is anti-allergic and skin friendly, capable of remaining cool due to its natural features. The outer cover is easily removed to clean it frequently and keep it refreshed.