FAMOUS Collection

FAMOUS Collection

The mattress series FAMOUS collection is dear to the public and combines quality and flexibility offered by independent pocket springs, with attractive prices. They offer orthopedic support and are made with quality raw materials.

FAMOUS Collection

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  • 024 Star Memory

    The soft Star Memory mattress has the ability to revert to its original form, regardless of any shape it takes while you are on top of it. In this way, it is always ready to welcome your body, ensuring proper adjustment and support for the muscles. Anatomical construction made of Bonnell springs with an anti-allergic texture that makes it skin-friendly. Ventilated layer that remains at cool temperature.
  • 025 Star Memory 3D

    Star Memory's ability to revert to its original shape in any situation you leave it after use, is ideally matched with Border 3D technology for external durability. This extra feature strengthens the mattress externally by offering also a better grip. Enjoy the right fit on your body and muscles support for comfortable sleep. The Bonnell springs provide durability and cool temperature. The mattress is ventilated with additional zipper for easy check of the interior.
  • 029 Star Plus Latex Pillowtop

    A Star Plus Latex with the ability to be used both by its extra-soft side or its toughest surface, is what makes the Star Plus Latex Pillowtop so special! With the Pillowtop style, you can enjoy the properties of the processed latex that contains this anatomic mattress with two options according to your daily, weekly or monthly needs! It consists of Bonnell springs that give stability and good ventilation to the mattress.
  • 032 Star Coco Latex Pillowtop

    Soft mattress that provides you good support for muscles and a cool feeling while you lie for hours on it during the night. The combination of coconut and latex inside absorbs wetness and helps to properly ventilate the mattress. It is made with the Pillowtop style so you can switch from the upper soft to the lower toughest side according to your sleeping moods and your body resting needs. It is made of Bonnell springs and is an anti-allergic, skin-friendly layer.
  • 035 Star Extra Plus Memory

    For those who want a soft anatomic mattress that will always be ready to welcome your body, then Star Extra Plus Memory is an option you deserve to do. With Memory Technology, it can return to its original position so you can enjoy the quality of sleep that your body needs every time. It features Bonnell springs that ensure stable grip and satisfactory temperature levels.
  • 036 Star Extra Plus Latex

    A quality solution in anatomic mattress with latex content offered for those who want a soft layer for their body. Star Extra Plus Latex ensures a cool environment for you to rest your body and enjoy a particularly gentle sleep. It consists of Bonnell springs that give strength and satisfactory support for muscles. It is an anti-allergic layer that is also skin-friendly.
  • 045 Energy Afrolatex Pillowtop

    Applying Pillowtop construction to Energy Afrolatex, we created an anatomic mattress with a high degree of softness on its normal surface. This way you can feel gentle on your body, but if you want a tougher surface simply turn it from the underside! It features Bonnell springs with a metal frame which means that its perimeter support is sufficient for anyone who tries to sit on its edge.
  • 047 Energy Plus Latex Pillowtop

    Enriched with reinforced surface thanks to the Pillowtop construction, the Energy Plus Latex Pillowtop anatomic mattress is an excellent choice if you want to experience a very soft feeling for your sleep. This also supported by latex content, which ensures that the mattress is properly ventilated to keep it at cool temperatures. Sturdy construction made of Bonnell springs with a metal frame to give a more stable perimeter support.
  • 078 Star Memory Pocket Pillowtop

    Ideal for those who are particularly demanding of the surface of their mattress. With the Pillowtop construction style, it has a reinforced and smooth surface, which you can even change to the lower toughest side, if you just turn it upside down! At the same time, Memory technology makes the mattress even softer with the ability to return to its original position by offering a quality environment for your body. Excellent combination that produces a soft anatomic mattress with independent Pocket springs with metal frame for optimal body fitting and perimeter support.
  • 081 Star Plus Latex Pocket Pillowtop

    If you are one of those who want their mattress to have a particularly soft surface, while also providing the ideal fit for the movements you make as you sleep, then what you want is the Star Plus Latex Pocket Pillowtop! Containing latex makes it even softer for your body, while with the Pillowtop style it offers an extra soft surface. Independent Pocket springs with metal frame ensure the anatomy that your body needs for a comfortable sleep, as well as enhanced perimeter support every time you touch it.
  • 083 Star Extra Plus Memory Pocket

    Enjoy an anatomic, soft and “smart” mattress! In fact, it remembers always being ready to offer you wonderful moments of rest every time you lie down on it! With the addition of Foam Memory, it can return to its original position as you leave it the first time, so you can enjoy it all the time in a satisfying way. It has double decorative fabric and independent pocket springs to ensure proper behavior to the body and the movements you make enjoying a beneficial sleep!
  • 088 Energy Afrolatex Pocket 3 Zones Pillowtop

    With the Energy Afrolatex Pocket 3 Zones Pillowtop it will be very difficult to leave your bed anymore! Legally, since it is a great construction mattress that makes all the difference. It has an extra foam that adds extra quality to its level of softness and independent Pocket springs with metal frame, capable of following your body movements. It is designed as 3 Zones mattress consistently having three areas to be more stable in the middle, while smoother at the top and bottom. As a Pillowtop mattress makes its reinforced surface even smoother, with the ability to turn it upside down whenever you want a tougher surface for your sleep.
  • 089 Energy Plus Latex Pocket 3 Zones 3D

    A soft mattress with a superbly crafted construction to provide proper support to your body as long as you sleep. It is shaped into 3 Zones so it holds the waist strongly while it is smoother at the top and bottom. It includes latex that helps to be elastic "breathing" properly, along with HR Foam technology that adequately holds foam materials. Independent Pocket springs with metal frame make the mattress easily adapt to the body movements while offering greater resistance around the perimeter. It features 3D Border technology that strengthens its external support.
  • 090 Energy Plus Latex Pocket 3 Zones Pillowtop

    No more nightmares now, as soon as you start sleeping on an Energy Plus Latex Pocket 3 Zones Pillowtop anatomic mattress. Extremely high-quality construction that provides a relaxing rest experience to improve the body's attitude from the day's fatigue. Its construction combines independent Pocket springs with metal frame for better muscles support and 3 Zones design to ensure strong grip in the middle. It's a Pillowtop mattress with an emphasis on its surface to make it softer while turning it upside down to enjoy a tougher surface.
  • 146 Star Foam 400 Coco Extra Latex On Top 3D

    Soft Foam mattress with enhanced content and specially shaped soft surface that will instantly make the difference during your sleep. It has latex content along with coir as main internal material, which lends itself to the correct temperature against the high temperature creating an ideal environment for your body. Enhanced externally with border 3D technology, it also includes a removable cover for the best possible cleaning.
  • 148 Star Foam 400 Coco Memory on top 3D

    A high-quality coconut-based interior design and Memory technology offers a soft surface that has the ability to return to its original position, offering always the same smooth surface! It is a ventilated mattress with a removable cover and extra cover foam that makes it easy to remove and clean it.