FAMOUS Collection

FAMOUS Collection

The mattress series FAMOUS collection is dear to the public and combines quality and flexibility offered by independent pocket springs, with attractive prices. They offer orthopedic support and are made with quality raw materials.

FAMOUS Collection

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  • 014 Star Plus Pillowtop

    For those who spend sleeping periods with alternating moods, the Star Plus Pillowtop anatomic mattress is the ideal solution: with a constructional emphasis on the surfaces, it offers a dual choice according to your sleeping needs, with a soft side and a tougher one. It consists of Bonnell springs with body-like behavior. Zipper included for easy cleaning, while it's ventilated, which helps keep it warmer than a common mattress.
  • 017 Star Plus Coco Pillowtop

    Combining multiple choices to fulfil even the most demanding sleeping needs, the Star Plus Coco 3D anatomic mattress offers features that ensure relaxing sleep in any case. Its interior of coconut with latex contributes to excellent body support. Bonnell springs included for better adaptability to the body. What makes the difference, however, is the Pillowtop technology that lets you choose its soft or toughest side according to your mood!
  • 027 Star Plus Latex

    With a Star Plus Latex anatomic mattress, you can feel soft every time you go to sleep. The processed latex used by our company is certified, technologically advanced and resistant against wear. The Bonnell springs provide durability and cool temperature. This also contributes to the fact that the Star Plus Latex is ventilated, with additional zipper to make it easy to check the interior content for maintenance.
  • 028 Star Plus Latex 3D

    Applying 3D technology to Star Plus Latex, we created an anatomic mattress that is highly reinforced externally. The processed latex that forms the inside offers a soft feel to the body and support for muscles. Combined with Bonnell springs, the mattress has the ability to stay cool and comfortable. It is an anti-allergy layer that is skin-friendly and ventilated to “breathe” better than a common mattress.
  • 033 Star Extra Plus

    Enhanced anatomic mattress with 2.4 mm Bonnell springs to enjoy a pleasant sleep. It is an anatomical mattress that offers proper grip on the body. Ventilated construction so it remains cool regardless the environmental conditions so you can enjoy a comfortable feeling during sleep. The outer velvet fabric offers a smooth sense along with its anti-allergic construction to accomplish a total skin-friendly mattress.
  • 037 Star Extra Plus Coco Latex

    Considered as mattress choice with multiple properties, Star Extra Plus Coco Latex has a double coconut and latex content and includes a double decorative cloth. It is an anatomic Bonnell springs layer that offers elasticity, durability, gentle sensation in the body ensuring cool temperature.
  • 038 Energy Plus 3D

    Featuring an enhanced construction, the Energy Plus 3D anatomical layer is a durable and value-for-money choice of its kind. It includes external reinforcement with 3D Border and Board Protection technology to help maintain mattress’ form. Additional HR Foam technology offers an ideal feeling of extra softness. It consists of Bonnell springs with a metal frame, providing proper perimeter support and adequate air recirculation on the inside and the surface.
  • 039 Energy Plus Pillowtop

    Not only extra-enhanced but also capable of alternating from one surface to another, the Energy Plus Pillowtop anatomic mattress will offer you unique moments of relaxation during sleep. The Board Protection technology, cotton and wool wadding along with HR Foam that ensures a comfortable and stable feel to your body. The Pillowtop construction enhances the surface for greater anatomicity, while allowing you to turn it from the underside to rest on a tougher surface. Bonnell springs with a metal frame provide durability and robust support around the perimeter.
  • 043 Energy Plus Coco Pillowtop

    The Pillowtop version of the Energy Plus Coco anatomical mattress suggests a practical choice for those who have alternating moods in their daily sleep. Maintaining the elasticity and body-friendly temperature as well as the perimeter support provided by the Bonnell springs with a metal frame, gives you the additional possibility of enjoying two kinds of surfaces depending on your moods: the normal reinforced soft side and the toughest side just by turning the upside down.
  • 044 Energy Afrolatex 3D

    When you sleep to the Energy Afrolatex 3D anatomic mattress, you have the opportunity to enjoy soft and gentle sleep as never before. Foam content with HR Foam technology ensures durability, allowing it to maintain its softness for longer period of time. It includes Bonnell springs with a metal frame, giving strong peripheral support. Extremely reinforced externally with 3D Border and Board Protection that retains its form.
  • 046 Energy Plus Latex 3D

    Anatomic mattress with latex content to have a soft surface for your body. It features Bonnell springs with a metal frame, resulting in extra-enhanced perimeter support. It includes 3D technology as well as Board Protection technology to help maintaining its form. Ideal choice for someone who wants a gentle sensation during sleep, combined with strong body grip.
  • 120 Star Plus Coco Pillowtop Hotel

    Ένα από τα πιο όμορφα...αστέρια της δημοφιλούς και ταυτόχρονα οικονομικής μας σειράς στρωμάτων για ξενοδοχεία αποτελεί το Star Plus Coco Pillowtop Hotel. Τα ελατήρια Bonnell με λαμάκι που διαθέτει του χαρίζουν την κατάλληλη ανθεκτικότητα, ισορροπία και την περιμετρική στήριξη που χρειάζεται , τα οποία ενισχύονται ακόμη περισσότερο με το board protection ύφασμα. Ο κοκοφοίνικας που εμπεριέχει συμβάλλει στη φυσική ρύθμιση της θερμοκρασίας του στρώματος και στη δροσερή αίσθηση που αφήνει στον πελάτη. Μα το καλύτερο για έναν μαλακό και άνετο ύπνο είναι η ιδιότητα Pillowtop που μετατρέπει την επιφάνεια του στρώματος σε ένα μεγάλο και ανατομικό μαξιλάρι για μοναδικές στιγμές χαλάρωσης!