FAMOUS Collection

FAMOUS Collection

The mattress series FAMOUS collection is dear to the public and combines quality and flexibility offered by independent pocket springs, with attractive prices. They offer orthopedic support and are made with quality raw materials.

FAMOUS Collection

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  • 012 Star Plus

    The velvety feel of a Star Plus layer can’ t be unnoticed every time you lie down on it. Anatomic layer of moderate hardness with Bonnell springs and adaptability to the body, gives you plenty of reasons for rest. It is ventilated without holding harmful elements out of the atmosphere. Great advantage of having a zipper that helps check the interior and easily clean it.
  • 013 Star Plus 3D

    Extremely gentle thanks to its velvety outer casing, Star Plus 3D anatomical layer is an enriched version of the Star Mattress series. Enhanced externally with 3D technology and construction made of Bonnell springs 2.4 mm, it is a layer of moderate hardness with more stable surface for the body. Ventilated mattress that maintains cool temperatures, and thanks to its zipper, check of the interior is a very easy process.
  • 015 Star Plus Coco

    You could not miss out on the Star series the option for mattress enriched with latex and coir line. Gentle outside with velvet fabric and quite resistant internally to wetness. Combines resilience with elasticity and consists of Bonnell springs capable of adapting to the body. Skin-friendly, ventilated mattress with zipper for easy cleaning.
  • 016 Star Plus Coco 3D

    Adding 3D technology, the Star Plus Coco 3D anatomic mattress is extra-reinforced externally. Its interior of coconut-enriched latex absorbs wetness and contributes significantly to the elasticity of the mattress. Its construction by Bonnell Springs helps giving you quality moments of relaxation. It is a ventilated mattress and its zipper allows easy cleaning inside and out.
  • 030 Star Coco Latex

    The double coconut and latex content transforms the Star Coco Latex anatomic mattress into a choice that offers comfortable lounging and quality rest. It consists of Bonnell springs and holds the body properly while keeping it at low temperature. It is a layer of moderate hardness with elasticity and gentle sensation so you can enjoy the beneficial sleep you will definitely deserve.
  • 031 Star Coco Latex 3D

    Elastic, soft, resistant, this anatomical mattress called Star Coco Latex 3D offers the chance for a cool sleep any time you lie on it. The coconut and latex content gives a gentle sense of body and proper support for muscles, while 3D technology provides extra reinforcement externally. It features Bonnell springs and a velvet casing with anti-allergy, skin-friendly design. It is ventilated and also includes zipper for easy cleaning.
  • 034 Star Extra Plus Coco

    The Star Extra Plus Coco anatomic mattress is coconut-like in its content while it remains extra supple and soft. Durable construction that includes Bonnell springs and provides proper body fit. Thanks to the coconut absorbs wetness while can remain at cool temperature level delivering gentle sensation in the body. Allows internal check due to the extra zipper and is a mattress with sufficient ventilation to stay always refreshed.
  • 042 Energy Plus Coco 3D

    Foamed anatomical mattress that combines coconut and Bonnell springs. It offers elasticity, strong grip, cool body feeling and higher perimeter support. It is equipped with 3D border and Board Protection technology that enhance its external surface. It has a cotton wadding and a velvety case with a human-friendly and environment-friendly texture.
  • 119 Star Plus Coco Hotel

    Για να συνδυάζετε πάντα ποιότητα και φινέτσα το Star Plus Coco Hotel είναι το στρώμα που θα σας βγάλει ασπροπρόσωπους απέναντι σε κάθε πελάτη! Διαθέτοντας ελατήρια Bonnell με λαμάκι σε συνδυασμό με board protection το ανατομικό αυτό στρώμα δεν χάνει ποτέ τη φόρμα του διατηρώντας ισχυρή περιμετρική στήριξη και την απαραίτητη ελαστικότητα. Παράλληλα εμπεριέχει κοκοφοίνικα, ένα φυσικό υλικό με ικανότητα να απορροφά την υγρασία εξυπηρετώντας στον καλύτερο δυνατό αερισμό του στρώματος. Το βελουτέ ύφασμα που το επενδύει εξωτερικά αφήνει μια απαλή αίσθηση στο σώμα του πελάτη ενώ διαθέτει και φερμουάρ για καλύτερο έλεγχο του εσωτερικού του.