FAMOUS Collection

FAMOUS Collection

The mattress series FAMOUS collection is dear to the public and combines quality and flexibility offered by independent pocket springs, with attractive prices. They offer orthopedic support and are made with quality raw materials.

FAMOUS Collection

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  • 018 Star Plus Mini Bonnell

    If you are looking for a very durable choice capable of maintaining more weight, then the anatomical mattress Star Plus Mini Bonnell is the only solution you need! Made of Mini Bonnell springs, it provides strong support for increased weight. It is an anti-allergy layer and absolutely skin-friendly, while being ventilated to eliminate harmful elements from the atmosphere and maintain at low temperatures. It also includes a zipper that allows easy check of the inside.
  • 019 Star Plus Mini Bonnell 3D

    Extremely reinforced both internally and externally, the Star Plus Mini Bonnell 3D anatomic mattress offers ideal body support and high weight resistance. Made of Mini Bonnell springs that are ideally suited to withstand increased volume, has also Border 3D technology that offers higher external reinforcement. A ventilated layer that includes a zip to check the interior content. Its anti-allergic formulation is skin-friendly, giving a soft feel.
  • 020 Star Plus Mini Bonnell Pillowtop

    Capable of withstanding more weight due to the Mini Bonnell springs, the Star Plus Mini Bonnell Pillowtop Anatomic Mattress is the perfect innovation for those who have no consistent preference for their mattress: with the Pillowtop style, it allows you to turn it from the soft or the most tough side according your needs to enjoy the type of surface you want. It’s a skin- friendly, ventilated mattress with a customized zipper for easy cleaning.
  • 021 Star Plus Coco Mini Bonnell

    Combining impeccable quality with elastic and durable construction, the Star Plus Coco Mini Bonnell anatomic mattress is a guaranteed top choice in its class. The coconut with latex content along with the Mini Bonnell springs offer an ideal feeling of relaxation in your body. The behavior of the mattress adapts to body movements offering comfortable sense. It is a ventilated layer with zipper to keep it fresh and at cool temperature.
  • 022 Star Plus Coco Mini Bonnell 3D

    For quality moments of relaxation, the Star Plus Mini Bonnell 3D anatomic mattress offers much more in relation to its cost. Contains coconut with latex and Mini Bonnell springs to guarantee excellent balance of hardness and elasticity. With extra 3D technology, the mattress is even more strengthened externally for greater stability. Enriched with anti-allergy construction that makes it skin-friendly. Ventilated with extra zipper for easier cleaning.
  • 023 Star Plus Coco Mini Bonnell Pillowtop

    The Star Plus Coco Mini Bonnell Pillowtop is designed to offer durability and enjoyable rest. Choose your option between a reinforced soft normal side or a tougher surface with Pillowtop technology that allows you to lie down on your preferable side! At the same time, the coconut with latex content ensures a cool inside environment, while Mini Bonnell springs guaranteeing extra heavy weight performance.
  • 040 Energy Mini Bonell 3D

    With the addition of Mini Bonnell springs with metal frame, the Energy Mini Bonnell 3D offers even more durability for more weight and proper support at its edges. At the same time, it can remain externally reinforced with 3D Border and Board Protection that retains its form. Foam mattress with HR Foam technology and natural cotton wadding that can provide gentle and skin-friendly feeling.
  • 041 Energy Coco Mini Bonnell 3D

    Anatomic mattress with high degree of hardness and also high strength. It includes coconut that offers elasticity and stable grip, while the Mini Bonnell springs with a metal frame ensure excellent high weight durability strength almost all along its surface. It is foamy mattress with HR Foam technology and quite amplified externally with 3D Border and Board Protection to maintain its form.
  • 121 Star Plus Mini Bonnell Hotel

    Για πελάτες που επιθυμούν να ξαπλώνουν σε ένα σκληρό στρώμα ξενοδοχείου το Star Plus Mini Bonnell Hotel είναι η κατάλληλη περίπτωση. Υποστηρίζεται από ελατήρια Mini Bonnell με λαμάκι, τα οποία εξασφαλίζουν μεγάλη αντοχή σε βάρος και πολύ καλή ελαστικότητα. Πρόκειται για ένα στρώμα ανατομικό με ενισχυμένη περιμετρική στήριξη χάρη στο ύφασμα Board protection που διαθέτει. Εξωτερικά έχει επενδυθεί με κομψό ύφασμα βελουτέ αντιαλλεργικό καθώς επίσης διαθέτει και φερμουάρ για καλύτερο έλεγχο του εσωτερικού του.
  • 122 Star Plus Mini Bonnell Pillowtop Hotel

    Με τον ιδιαίτερο συνδυασμό σκληρότητας και απαλής αίσθησης το ανατομικό στρώμα Star Plus Mini Bonnell Pillowtop Hotel εξυπηρετεί τις ανάγκες κάθε πελάτη ξενοδοχείου για χαλάρωση. Η άρτια κατασκευή του από ελατήρια Mini Bonnell με λαμάκι σε συνδυασμό με το ύφασμα Board protection χαρίζει μεγάλη ελαστικότητα, ανθεκτικότητα και ισχυρή περιμετρική ενίσχυση. Η Pillowtop επιφάνειά του κάνει το στρώμα μαλακό και αφράτο, έτοιμο να ξεκουράσει όποιο σώμα δεχθεί πάνω του. Εαν όμως οι πελάτες σας προτιμούν ένα σκληρό στρώμα, τότε δεν έχετε παρά να το γυρίσετε από την ανάποδη πλευρά και αυτομάτως έχετε μια πιο σκληρή επιφάνεια ύπνου.