FAMOUS Collection

FAMOUS Collection

The mattress series FAMOUS collection is dear to the public and combines quality and flexibility offered by independent pocket springs, with attractive prices. They offer orthopedic support and are made with quality raw materials.

FAMOUS Collection

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  • 073 Star Plus Pocket

    Simplicity along with softness are the main features of the anatomic Star Plus Pocket. Ready to fulfil important sleeping demands, it has independent Pocket springs with a metal frame, meaning that it has the ability to adapt to the body movements while being stronger perimetrically, if you try to sit on its edges. Anti- allergic mattress, friendly to human and the environment.
  • 074 Star Plus Pocket 3D

    Reinforced externally with 3D technology, it is an anatomical mattress with great durability. The construction of independent Pocket springs with a metal frame provides proper adjustment to body changes during sleep, helping to enjoy an even more relaxed and better sleep. Ventilated mattress also features a zipper, so it's easy to check the interior content for maintenance.
  • 075 Star Plus Pocket Pillowtop

    The reinforced surface of the Star Plus Pocket Pillowtop Anatomic mattress gives you the opportunity to enjoy an even softer surface every time you lie down on it. However, if you want a tougher surface thanks to the Pillowtop style, you can just turn it from the underside! Independent Pocket Springs with metal frame are ready to offer you ideal synchronization with body movements and proper perimeter support on any side of the two you prefer to sleep!
  • 076 Star Memory Pocket

    This time, your mattress can not only provide better adjustment to the movements you make during sleep thanks to the independent Pocket springs with metal frame, but it can also return to its original position with Memory technology to enjoy the ideal surface each time. Absorbs energy and offers you a soft choice to relax your body according to high standards.
  • 077 Star Memory Pocket 3D

    Protected by 3D Border External Enhancement and Memory technology that allows the mattress to restore to its original position whatever format it has taken during sleep. It includes independent Pocket springs that help your body enjoy better support for muscles and adaptation to your movements. Ventilated mattress with integrated zipper to check the interior content.
  • 078 Star Memory Pocket Pillowtop

    Ideal for those who are particularly demanding of the surface of their mattress. With the Pillowtop construction style, it has a reinforced and smooth surface, which you can even change to the lower toughest side, if you just turn it upside down! At the same time, Memory technology makes the mattress even softer with the ability to return to its original position by offering a quality environment for your body. Excellent combination that produces a soft anatomic mattress with independent Pocket springs with metal frame for optimal body fitting and perimeter support.
  • 079 Star Plus Latex Pocket

    Gentle anatomic mattress designed to offer many moments of relief and quality rest that we all need from our sleep. It has latex inside it, so it "breathes" better by enhancing the softness of the mattress. It consists of independent Pocket springs with metal frame following the movements of your body, without being affected by the movements of another body that may also be on the mattress.
  • 080 Star Plus Latex Pocket 3D

    An excellent quality choice for anatomic mattress that combines construction from independent Pocket springs with metal frame and latex inside. An important advantage is the external reinforcement with edge 3D technology that increases the durability of the mattress externally. A soft mattress that can be well ventilated and stays at good temperature, offering a cozy environment to relax body and mind.
  • 081 Star Plus Latex Pocket Pillowtop

    If you are one of those who want their mattress to have a particularly soft surface, while also providing the ideal fit for the movements you make as you sleep, then what you want is the Star Plus Latex Pocket Pillowtop! Containing latex makes it even softer for your body, while with the Pillowtop style it offers an extra soft surface. Independent Pocket springs with metal frame ensure the anatomy that your body needs for a comfortable sleep, as well as enhanced perimeter support every time you touch it.
  • 082 Star Extra Plus Pocket

    A sweet sleep on a sparkling soft surface with proper body support is what promises to give you the anatomical Star Extra Plus Pocket! The double decorative fabric gives more elegance to the contour of the mattress, which foam materials in its content contribute to elasticity. It consists of independent Pocket springs with metal frame, offering durability, fitting perfectly to body movements as well as satisfactory perimeter support. Anti-allergic mattress that is friendly to your skin and the environment.
  • 083 Star Extra Plus Memory Pocket

    Enjoy an anatomic, soft and “smart” mattress! In fact, it remembers always being ready to offer you wonderful moments of rest every time you lie down on it! With the addition of Foam Memory, it can return to its original position as you leave it the first time, so you can enjoy it all the time in a satisfying way. It has double decorative fabric and independent pocket springs to ensure proper behavior to the body and the movements you make enjoying a beneficial sleep!
  • 084 Star Extra Plus Latex Pocket

    Unique choice for those who want a soft and quiet mattress, but not to be lacking in orthopedic support! The latex in its content ensures proper anatomy, soft feel and a good enough level of ventilation to keep the temperature low. The combination of independent Pocket springs with metal frame optimizes the anatomy of the mattress, since it can adapt to the movements you make, while you sleep.
  • 085 Energy Plus Pocket 3 Zones 3D

    Do you want your mattress to care in a special way for the rest you need? Enjoy a qualitative choice in your body with the Energy Plus Pocket 3 Zones 3D anatomical mattress. Featuring independent 3-Zones Pocket Springs, the Pocket has a great anatomical effect. Harder to upper and lower, while softer in the middle, ensures special care for your waist. It is externally reinforced with 3D Border & Board Protection and includes cotton wadding, creating a gentle environment for your sleep.
  • 086 Energy Plus Pocket 3 Zones Pillowtop

    Extremely capable of meeting the needs for a soft sleep that combines a soft surface for your body and offers excellent support for muscles. The construction of the 3 Zones divides the mattress into 3 areas, with the middle being more stable than the other two softer to fit better with the waist. The addition of HR Foam offers even greater quality than other foam materials, effectively complementing orthopedic construction from independent Pocket Springs with metal frame. With the Pillowtop design, the surface is even softer and you can invert it if you want the lower toughest side.
  • 087 Energy Afrolatex Pocket 3 Zones 3D

    Give your body the possibility of enjoying a therapeutic mattress that respects your pains or problems that disturb you from long standing or bad posture during the day. With Energy Afrolatex Pocket 3 Zones 3D your sleep is expected to become your favorite habit. Shaped in three levels, it becomes stronger in the middle while remains elastic enough. Independent Pocket springs with metal frame ensure its ideal support for muscles just as your body needs. Enhanced externally with 3D Border technology to stay productive at all points.
  • 088 Energy Afrolatex Pocket 3 Zones Pillowtop

    With the Energy Afrolatex Pocket 3 Zones Pillowtop it will be very difficult to leave your bed anymore! Legally, since it is a great construction mattress that makes all the difference. It has an extra foam that adds extra quality to its level of softness and independent Pocket springs with metal frame, capable of following your body movements. It is designed as 3 Zones mattress consistently having three areas to be more stable in the middle, while smoother at the top and bottom. As a Pillowtop mattress makes its reinforced surface even smoother, with the ability to turn it upside down whenever you want a tougher surface for your sleep.
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