FOAM Collection

FOAM Collection

The foam-type mattresses are constructed of different types of foam. They are divided into hard and soft, depending on the foam. These mattresses are famous for their anatomic characteristics and are pleasant to the body.

FOAM Collection

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  • 138 Basic Foam Camping

    An ideal mattress for camping or any other outdoor use, such as campsites in the countryside or vacations. Basic Foam Camping is an anatomic mattress of moderate hardness that contains pure foam materials. Its outer cover is waterproof and durable for outdoor environments. It can be easily removed and cleaned to remain fresh.
  • 139 Basic Foam 200

    If you are looking for a foam mattress that combines anatomical and economical characteristics, then Basic Foam 200 is the right choice for you! Extremely simple medium-hardness mattress that ensures anti-allergy behavior and offers a gentle feeling that will give you many moments of relaxation wherever you choose to use it.
  • 140 Basic Foam 250

    Another simple and practical foam mattress is the Basic Foam 250, which is considered a reliable choice for immediate and fast use. Anatomic and fluffy, it contains a combination of polyester and cotton wool, with anti-allergy properties, giving you the chance to enjoy an satisfying amount of experience during your sleep.
  • 141 Basic Foam 900/250

    The most enhanced version in its class, which is even more thick and rich in sparkling content, is the so-called Basic Foam 900/250. Designed even more fluffy, it is capable of giving the chance for many relaxing dives. It is anatomic and anti-allergic in order to remain skin-friendly, while its ventilated structure allows the best possible breathing.
  • 142 Best Foam 900 3D

    Enhanced foamy mattress with moderate hardness level, giving you undoubtedly a comfortable sleep. It is ventilated and includes foam cover addition so that the removable cover can come out and rewind easily for optimum maintenance. Enhancement with 3D technology even better protects the mattress externally.
  • 143 Best Foam 300 3D

    Simple but safe choice, this Foam Mattress offers a relatively harder surface for your body. It also features 3D Border technology that strengthens its external surface. The removable cover comes out easily thanks to the addition of a cover foam, making it easier to ventilate and effectively clean it.
  • 144 Star Foam 400 Coco 3D

    Ideal choice of Foam Mattress with coir content that forms a stable, extra-elastic surface for your body. It is a ventilated mattress with extra removable cover and cover foam to facilitate removal of the cover. Coir material helps to maintain low temperature so you can always enjoy a cool feel.
  • 145 Star Foam 400 Latex 3D

    By adding Latex to its content, we created a foam mattress that behaves softly and gently to your body. It has the ability to "breathe" properly to keep it at low temperature, while its outer cover is easily removable thanks to the addition of cover foam, so you can often ventilate it effortlessly.
  • 146 Star Foam 400 Coco Extra Latex On Top 3D

    Soft Foam mattress with enhanced content and specially shaped soft surface that will instantly make the difference during your sleep. It has latex content along with coir as main internal material, which lends itself to the correct temperature against the high temperature creating an ideal environment for your body. Enhanced externally with border 3D technology, it also includes a removable cover for the best possible cleaning.
  • 147 Star Foam 400 Memory 3D

    Capable of returning to its original position due to Memory technology, the Star Foam 400 Memory 3D foam layer is a solution that ensures a soft and relaxed sleep. It offers a gentle feeling along with the ability to be properly ventilated in order to remain cool. The outer cover is removable allowing easier cleaning.
  • 148 Star Foam 400 Coco Memory on top 3D

    A high-quality coconut-based interior design and Memory technology offers a soft surface that has the ability to return to its original position, offering always the same smooth surface! It is a ventilated mattress with a removable cover and extra cover foam that makes it easy to remove and clean it.
  • 149 Nature Cotton Wool Afrolatex 5500

    The special construction of the Nature Cotton Wool Afrolatex 5500 Foam puts particular emphasis on the physical characteristics of the mattress, allowing it to offer a cool experience to everyone on it. It features cotton padding and foamed foam with extra HR Foam technology to create a friendly and gentle skin environment. With the addition of cover foam, its removable cover comes out and comes in an easy way.
  • 150 Nature Cotton Wool Memory Gel 5500

    High quality foam mattress enhanced with Memory Gel technology that allows it to stay cool more time than a common mattress, effectively fighting sweating. It includes cotton wadding and also woolen padding that enhance the physical behavior and good temperature level of the mattress. The outer cover is removable with extra cover foam to facilitate cleaning and maintenance.
  • 151 Nature Cotton Wool Extra Latex 5500

    Foamy mattress giving plenty of reason for a soft sleep that will deeply embrace your body. Enhanced woolen and cotton wool content together with Latex make up an extraordinary smooth surface that is capable of resting your body well. The mattress is anti-allergic and skin friendly, capable of remaining cool due to its natural features. The outer cover is easily removed to clean it frequently and keep it refreshed.
  • 152 Nature Cotton Wool Extra Latex Memory Gel 5500

    One of the softer surfaces in its class, offering excellent rest experience and very friendly environment for your body. Enhanced with Memory Gel technology on its surface, it can 'breathe better' than a common mattress, reacting decisively to reducing body sweating. It has latex inside, which makes for a soft and quality sleep. It includes woolen wadding and cotton padding made of pure natural materials that add extra naturality to the mattress features.
  • 153 Nature Cotton Wool Royal Latex 5500

    Foam mattress choice with a very soft surface that is expected to offer many moments of relaxation and quality rest in your body. It has enhanced naturalness with cotton wool and wool double padding, with its latex foam reinforced with HR Foam for even higher quality in its features. Ensures hypoallergenic properties with friendly skin behavior.
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