FOAM Collection

FOAM Collection

The foam-type mattresses are constructed of different types of foam. They are divided into hard and soft, depending on the foam. These mattresses are famous for their anatomic characteristics and are pleasant to the body.

FOAM Collection

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  • 154 Nature Cotton Wool Extra Latex Polo 5500

    Standing out for its highly sophisticated construction, it can offer a unique sleep experience. It is soft enough to give you an extremely soft and elastic surface for your body, since it includes high quality latex inside. Enhanced with woolen wadding and cotton padding, it is a very skin-friendly mattress choice that protects your body from moisture or other harmful elements from the atmosphere.
  • 155 Diamond Pure Memory

    Designed to make the big difference in your sleep, it has the ultimate Memory technology so it can continually provide a soft surface for a beneficial and comfortable sleep. Both with Memory Soft and Memory Hard addition can return to its original position, regardless of any changes it takes during sleep, so you can enjoy an extra quality and anatomic surface for your body. It is filled with Memory Gel that ensures an ideal level of "breathing" and an excellent reaction against sweating.
  • 156 Diamond Coco Latex

    A much harder mattress with excellent exterior texture that offers a high level of stability and support to your body. It includes both coconut and latex in its content that help to form an elastic surface with strong grip and excellent behavior against high temperatures. It has excellent top-of-the-line fabric lining for better skin sensation. The cover is removable to facilitate cleaning.
  • 157 Diamond Pure Latex 7 Zones

    Designed to offer a high level of musculoskeletal support, the Diamond Pure Latex 7 Zones foam mattress is an excellent choice that respects the details your body needs to relax. Its construction features 7 bands that provide a fully stable surface specifically in the sensitive areas of the body in the areas of neck, back, waist, bowl, legs and sole. It includes latex that gives excellent body behavior and proper "breathing" to keep it cool.
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