MEDICAL Collection

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  • 158 Medical 200

    Waterproof anatomic mattress for hospital use. With a leatherette-resistant exterior design, this is a soft layer that produces a soft surface. The removable cover allows an easier clean.
  • 159 Medical 250

    Increased hardness mattress made for hospital use. Its foam interior is protected by waterproof leather-friendly leatherette. The cover is removable so it can be easily detached for optimum maintenance.
  • 160 Medical 300

    Designed to fulfil high medical needs of a hospital bed, this Medical 300 anatomic mattress offers a moderately hard surface for bedridden patients. Its waterproof outer casing is made of leatherette which is removable for easier cleaning.
  • 161 Medical 400

    With reinforced foam content, Medical 400 is an anatomic mattress designed for hospital bed with a moderately hard surface. Constructed by waterproof leatherette to the body comfortable rest. The outer cover is removable, making it easy to clean despite frequent use.
  • 162 Medical Latex 300

    Adding latex inside, Medical Latex 300 is an anatomic mattress for hospital use that offers comfortable placement for every patient on it. Surrounded externally by waterproof leatherette while it is reinforced with Foam Cover to facilitate removal or repositioning of the removable outer liner.
  • 163 Medical 5000

    Anatomic mattress for hospital use, with slow-burning construction, which enhances its readiness against any risk. It includes an outer lining made of waterproof leatherette, which is removable allowing better maintenance, especially important for its intended use. It features an extra foam cover that makes it easy to remove the outer liner.
  • 164 Medical 6000

    Anatomic hospital bed of moderate hardness, made of low-strength to provide increased protection. The waterproof leatherette, from which it is made of, is removable so that it is cleaned better and stays in the required hygiene of hospital level. The added foam cover makes it easier to remove the external cover.
  • 165 Medical Memory 400

    Capable of giving bedridden patients the soft surface that their body needs in order to feel comfortable, this Medical Memory 400 hospital anatomical mattress is designed to ensure body quality. Its Memory technology supports the foam and helps the surface return to its original position, providing the same soft surface. Its outer lining of leatherette waterproof is removed to make it easier to clean.
  • 166 Medical Memory Gel 5500

    The manufacturing integrity of Medical Memory Gel 5500 ensures effective sweating behavior. With the addition of memory gel, it does not allow high temperatures to affect it, resulting a cool environment for the body. The outer cover of waterproof leatherette is removable to be cleaned more easily, since it is especially a mattress for hospital use.
  • 167 Medical Pure Memory

    Extremely soft and anatomical, this medical mattress is suitable for hospital use, offering a cool and quality body surface. The combination of memory & memory gel allows it not only to return to its original position, but to "breathe" properly by remaining constantly at low temperatures. Removable waterproof leatherette cover comes out easily due to the addition of foam cover.
  • 168 Medical Memory Gel 5cm Top Mattress

    Gentle and highly designed to stay cool and effectively fighting sweating, the 5 cm Medical Memory Gel is an ideal choice for hospital use. Memory Gel technology can keep the mattress at low temperature while its soft surface perfectly complements the base layer of a hospital bed.
  • 169 Medical Latex 4cm Top Mattress

    Soft and waterproof mattress with latex, special designed for hospital use, has the ability to complement the base mattress, offering a gentle experience to the bedside hospital. It "breathes" properly thanks to the latex so it remains cool & fresh, while its outer cover is removable to be cleaned more easily.