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  • 158 Medical 200

    Waterproof anatomic mattress for hospital use. With a leatherette-resistant exterior design, this is a soft layer that produces a soft surface. The removable cover allows an easier clean.
  • 165 Medical Memory 400

    Capable of giving bedridden patients the soft surface that their body needs in order to feel comfortable, this Medical Memory 400 hospital anatomical mattress is designed to ensure body quality. Its Memory technology supports the foam and helps the surface return to its original position, providing the same soft surface. Its outer lining of leatherette waterproof is removed to make it easier to clean.
  • 166 Medical Memory Gel 5500

    The manufacturing integrity of Medical Memory Gel 5500 ensures effective sweating behavior. With the addition of memory gel, it does not allow high temperatures to affect it, resulting a cool environment for the body. The outer cover of waterproof leatherette is removable to be cleaned more easily, since it is especially a mattress for hospital use.
  • 169 Medical Latex 4cm Top Mattress

    Soft and waterproof mattress with latex, special designed for hospital use, has the ability to complement the base mattress, offering a gentle experience to the bedside hospital. It "breathes" properly thanks to the latex so it remains cool & fresh, while its outer cover is removable to be cleaned more easily.