V.I.P. Collection

V.I.P. Collection

The mattresses series V.I.P. collection combines pleasure and luxury. It consists of the world’s leading independent pocket nested springs.

V.I.P. Collection

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  • 064 Platinum Extra Latex Polo Coco

    Being an ideal choice for those who want a very soft but cool mattress for their sleep, the Platinum Extra Latex Polo Coco comes to offer the perfect solution. Combination of latex with coconut and horsehair felt inside gives you a particularly soft surface for your body with friendly behavior for your skin. Mini Bonnell springs with a metal frame provide the durability you need throughout the length and width of the mattress.
  • 065 Diamond Extra Latex Memory Gel Polo Coco Kapitone

    Extremely soft and anatomic mattress that offers an ideal feeling of coolness in your body. Handmade construction customized with handmade bindings, giving mattress resistance, better ventilation and skin-friendly feel. Memory Gel technology can regulate the temperature of the mattress by fighting sweating. This also contributes to the content of horsehair felt and coconut that complete an overall quality selection of soft mattress with excellent atmosphere-friendly attitude. Enhanced strength in increased weight, including Mini Bonnell springs with metal frame.
  • 066 Diamond Royal Latex Polo Coco Kapitone

    What happens when you lie on a Diamond Royal Latex Polo Coco Kapitone? Your body has the opportunity to "sink" into a super soft, cool and skin-friendly surface. The impeccable quality of this anatomic mattress begins with its handmade construction with handmade bindings in Kapitone design that greatly enhances the ventilation of the mattress and its adjustment to cool temperatures. Coconut, horsehair felt and royal latex offer the ideal content of high quality materials for elasticity and proper "breathing". The support on Mini Bonnell springs with a metal frame signifies strong strength across its entire surface.
  • 107 Gold Memory Gel Polo Orion Pocket Kapitone

    For those who want to experience a pure... aristocratic sense during their relaxation time then the Gold Memory Gel Polo Orion Pocket Kapitone is an ideal mattress! The combination of a natural material, such as horsehair felt, according with memory gel, positively affects the balanced adjustment of temperature and humidity, also ensuring high durability. Featuring independent Pocket nested springs as well as unique multi-zone technology, it gives you the ultimate sense of relaxation in all parts of your body, serving each different need. The handmade Kapitone design on its surface combines elegance, strength and excellent "breathing" of the mattress.
  • 108 Gold Latex Polo Orion Pocket Kapitone

    If you prefer a very soft and luxurious mattress, you can just try the Gold Latex Polo Orion Pocket Kapitone. The combination of top Pocket nested springs with multi-zone technology provides you with a unique quality of sleep by activating all the necessary levels to relax every part of the body according to your needs. Inside it features natural horsehair felt and advanced materials such as latex and HR Foam technology for greater flexibility, durability and better temperature control. All this is reinforced by the handmade Kapitone design on the outside that contributes against body sweating.
  • 109 Platinum Memory Gel Polo Orion Pocket Kapitone

    Sleep has never been such beneficial experience as with the Platinum Memory Gel Polo Orion Pocket Kapitone anatomical mattress. Coming from a superior class, he knows to take care of your body in every detail. Multi-zone construction that provides ideal support for all sensitive parts of the body, ensuring uniform weight distribution. It also has Memory Gel technology to respond extremely effectively in cases of high temperature or perspiration, staying constantly friendly-feeling level. It includes lining with handmade bindings in Kapitone design, increasing its durability during daily use and giving even better levels of ventilation. Inside, it includes horsehair felt that strengthen the defense against wetness and help maintain the naturalness of the mattress. Supported by top independent Pocket nested springs.
  • 110 Platinum Extra Latex Polo Orion Pocket Kapitone

    Extremely soft and particularly comfortable anatomic mattress, designed to make your sleep an exciting experience! Its construction puts a lot of emphasis on your body's needs, so it's a multi-layered mattress that offers perfect support to your entire spine and sensitive body parts exposed to painful movements throughout the day. The combination of latex with horsehair felt inside form a super soft and elastic environment that prepares to gently accommodate your body. Featuring top independent Pocket nested springs, it has been hand-crafted in a Kapitone design that enhances its elegance and durability.
  • 111 Diamond Royal Latex Polo Orion Pocket Kapitone

    Its purpose is not only to rest your body, but to ensure a beneficial sleep, which is also a basic prerequisite for a productive and enjoyable day! The Diamond Royal Latex Polo Orion Pocket Kapitone is an extra soft mattress that perfectly respects your particular body needs. Includes independent Pocket nested springs with metal frame that follow your body movements, while the interior is fitted with high quality latex and horsehair felt. It is multi-zone, resulting in every sensitive point in your spine offering stability. Its construction has been completed with handmade bindings in Kapitone design for extra reinforcement.
  • 136 Platinum Extra Latex Pocket Hotel

    Μια κατηγορία από μόνο του, το εξαιρετικά ποιοτικό στρώμα Platinum Extra Latex Pocket Hotel αποτελεί αναμφισβήτητα μια κορυφαία επιλογή για ξενοδοχεία, προσφέροντας πολυτέλεια και υπέροχο αναπαυτικό ύπνο. Είναι εξαιρετικά μαλακό και απαλό, αφού περιλαμβάνει ενισχυμένο αφρώδες περιεχόμενο και latex. Υποστηρίζεται ακόμα από την τεχνολογία HR Foam για καλύτερο επίπεδο αντοχής. Διαθέτει επιπλέον μάλλινη βάτα και βάτα από βαμβάκι που προσδίδουν απαλότητα, την ώρα που εξωτερικά είναι ενισχυμένο με την τεχνολογία board protection. Αποτελείται από ανεξάρτητα ελατήρια Pocket με λαμάκι, με συνέπεια όχι μόνο να συμβαδίζει με τις κινήσεις του σώματος για καλύτερη μυοσκελετική στήριξη, αλλά ταυτόχρονα να προσφέρει ισχυρή περιμετρική στήριξη.
  • 137 Diamond Latex Polo Pocket Hotel

    Πολυτελές στρώμα για ξενοδοχείο που έχει την ικανότητα να προσφέρει μια σπάνια εμπειρία στους θαμώνες σας. Ξεχωρίζοντας για την ποιοτική του κατασκευή, συνδυάζει αλογότριχα με latex στο εσωτερικό του, προσφέροντας ιδανική συμπεριφορά απέναντι στην υγρασία, με επιπλέον ελαστικότητα και μαλακό κράτημα για το σώμα. Τα ανεξάρτητα ελατήρια Pocket με λαμάκι εξασφαλίζουν μυοσκελετική στήριξη στο στη σπονδυλική στήλη, αφού τα ελατήρια προσαρμόζονται στις κινήσεις του σώματος, την ώρα που η περιμετρική του στήριξη παραμένει σταθερή, αν κάποιος επιθυμεί να κάτσει σε αυτή. Αεριζόμενο στρώμα με προσαρμοσμένο φερμουάρ για να ελέγχετε το εσωτερικό του με σκοπό την καλύτερη δυνατή συντήρησή του.