ORIONAS S.A. innovates the mattress production process with its technological equipment and experienced technical staff.

The mattresses production of ORION Strom is done in its own facilities of 11,000 square meters at the 12th km PEO Thessaloniki-Kilkis. The selection of top certified European materials, the long knowledge of human resources and the latest generation of machinery, creates unique mattresses in quality and appearance. ORION Strom always respects the final consumer.

The manufacturing process of mattresses begins with the construction of Bonnell or Pocket springs, their assembly into crates

the quilting and the processing of foam materials. It is completed with the final construction and the sewing of the mattress. ORION Strom mattresses are not stored, but directly made to order and shipped to the final consumer. Depending on the quality of the mattress, the composition is done by careful selection of the materials.

Felt and foam materials are glued to the mattress base by hot melt, water based adhesives human friendly. All fabrics have ECO Tech certification and pass special processing.

The production of quilts is done by automatic multi-needle electronic machines, with the possibility of unlimited number of quilt patterns. The choice of materials for the composition of the quilt is done separately according to the requirements and the quality of the produced mattress. Production is made with cotton, polyester

or wool and foam batting. These materials offer beauty and appearance in each mattress composition. All the fabrics used are certified and the pads, which form the quilt, receive special treatment in an oven at 1400C.

Due to the increased production of multiple types and qualities of mattresses, there is a need for multiple quilt compositions. This is achieved with the 10 automatic electronic quilting machines

Depending on the production each machine is programmed to produce a quilt type. Each machine is maintained intensively in order to produce top quality flawless quilts.

The automatic production line of polyester globules processes the polyester and produces polyester globules used for pillow stuffing.

In a stirring machine polyester globules are mixed with feathers in order to increase elasticity and insulation properties of the pillow.

The springs are entirely produced by ORION Strom - from the purchase of the wire to the final construction of the mattress. The Bonnell springs are coiled in frames.

They are produced in frames of 3 Bonnell types: wire of 2.3 mm, 2.4 mm and Mini Bonnell of 2.0 mm. Each type is different, so that a large variety of mattresses can be achieved.

The spring production machine produces each spring individually with high quality wire. The spring machine is capable of producing springs in different sizes and hardness.

The construction machine of Bonnell type frames. The machine knits the individual springs into a frame and according to the type of mattress can than pass a flat metal-strip around.

The pocket springs (independent springs) are produced in rows. Each pocket spring is capable of independent vertical movement, which helps the flexibility of the mattress for the different types of the human body.

The pocket springs manufactured by ORION Strom are innovative with a diameter of 5cm which provide the mattress with 30% more springs than the 6cm springs of the market. A unique advantage so that they can be used also by overweight people.

The rows of pocket springs are glued together with a special glue human friendly and environmentally-friendly. The desired frame is finally shaped in the needed dimensions and desired 3 zones, 5 zones, 7 zones and multiple zones.

The pocket springs are held together with a perimeter flat metal-strip for long-term preservation of the mattress shape.

The automatic foam cutting machine is used for quick and precise cutting of bulky foam materials. The programming of the machine enables the production of foams in different dimensions according to the requirements of the production.

The automatic foam cutting pantograph is used for the cutting of special shapes and sizes of the foam.

The sides of the mattress (binding tapes) are formed by multi-needle electronic quilting machines for the different qualities and designs we provide.

The specific points of the mattress, as the handles, are produced by the latest technology machinery, always under the supervision of the ORION Strom people.

The mattresses are transferred to the hemming machines.

The mattress construction procedure is completed by the hemming machines.

The hemming of the mattress is made with care and special attention by the experienced staff of ORION Strom.

The final quality control of the mattress is completed