Company profile

With people in mind ORION SA creates conditions for development and confidence...

ORION SA is the continuation of ARKTOS SA that was founded in 1998 and the headquarters of the company are located at the 12th kilometer (PΕΟ) Thessaloniki-Kilkis. The company’s business is the import and export of materials for the production of mattresses, linen goods, furniture fabrics, living room materials, packaging and the partial processing of textiles and foamed materials and the production of mattresses.

ORION S.A. is one of the healthiest companies in its field after assuming successful and good co-operations with other healthy enterprises, always using partners whose goal is success.

The company cooperates with the largest salon factories (primary sector), mattresses, linens and packing.

It has modern equipment:
  • Ten electronic multi-needle spadding machines with nine automatic electronic cutters
  • Production line for polyester balls.
  • Three automatic electronic fabric cutters.
  • Fabric welding line.
  • Four automatic electronic foam cutters.
  • High quality production line of mattresses

To provide high quality products ORIONAS SA employs highly qualified manpower and makes ongoing investments in the fields of research and equipment.. The professional experience of the company staff is owed to their involvement from the stage of finding the products until their placement on the market.

Goals of the company are the expansion of the facilities, the development of the customers and the finding of new innovative products.